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Practice News


All employers know, it is now more important than ever to know what to ask at interview.  Even if the interviewee is not employed, an employer could find themselves in tribunal.  For 5 questions a prospective employer cannot ask click here.

The questions are:

1    Are you from the UK/Is English your first language?

2   Are you married?

3   How old are you?

4   How many sickness days did you take in your last period of employment?

5   Do you have any previous criminal convictions?



HMRC has issued new guidance for intermediaries who may be affected by IR35.  For those already confused by the legislation the new guidance may throw a little light on the issue.  To view the new guidance click here.


Auto-enrolment is now with us and larger employers are already obliged to have established pension schemes for employees.  We will be writing to payroll clients shortly informing them of their relevant staging dates.

The advice we are receiving is that you need to start preparing for this 12 months before your staging date.

Please read the attached pdf leaflet carefully.   Click here to download.

Auto-enrolment is now up and running and cannot be ignored.


HMRC have issued "VAT NOTES 2 of 2014".

To download a copy of the notice click here.



EMPLOYERS are required to comply with the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992. The Health and Safety Executive has produced a leaflet which explains what employers may need to do to protect your employees from any risks associated with Display Screen Equipment (DSE) (ie computers and laptops).  To download click here.

Employers may be obligated to carry out reviews of staff working environment, pay for eye tests, pay for further medical examination and even pay/contribute toward the cost of reading appliances (glasses).

It is essential that employers assess the risk and take any necessary action as soon as possible.



Legislation will be introduced in Finance Bill 2014 to amend UK VAT legislation on prompt payment discounts. Until now HMRC has interpreted UK legislation to allow suppliers to account for VAT on the discounted price offered for prompt payment even when that discount is not taken up. The change will ensure that UK and EU law are clearly aligned and that VAT is accounted for on the full consideration paid for goods and services where prompt payment discounts are offered. For supplies of telecommunication and broadcasting services where there is no obligation to provide a VAT invoice the change takes effect from 1 May 2014. For all other supplies the change will come into effect on 1 April 2015. A consultation will be carried out on implementation prior to the commencement of the main change in April 2015.



The VAT road fuel scale charges are amended with effect from 1 May 2014. Businesses must use the new scales from the start of the next prescribed accounting period beginning on or after 1 May 2014.   To obtain a copy of the new rates click here.


From 6 April 2014 employers will no longer be able to recover Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) from the Government.  The Government has kept this significant change very quiet.  For more information click here.


HMRC has published revised guidance on how the new salaried partner rules will be implemented from this April, see our separate news item this week, LLP salaried partner rules confirmed with few changes


HMRC have issued new guidance in respect of electronic invoicing.

To view the new guidance contained in leaflet 700/63, click here

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